MASTER Installation



The MASTER PC corresponds to that to which the AAG_CloudWatcher device is connected.



  1. Run Setup.exe;
  2. Create a directory in a local disk and make it shareable to other users in the local network;
  3. Connect the AAG_CloudWatcher before starting the program;
  4. Start program;
  5. The program will prompt you


  1. Select Yes for MASTER installation;
  2. The program will display the following window:


·      Select the port number to which the AAG_CloudWatcher is connected and select the path corresponding to the directory in 2);

·      Select button Initialize and the system will initialize the electrical constants for the device.

·      The program will display Constants section of the Device TAB.


  1. Check the Device section of the Setup TAB.

·      Select the units which you wish to use;

·      Select Switch Cntrl disabled if you do not wish the AAG_CloudWatcher to control the switch - this allows other external programs to control the switch;

·      Check the Temperature Correction Factors K1, K2, K3, K4 and K5 and do any adjustments that you deem necessary;



  1. Check the Graph section of the Setup TAB.

·      Adjust the graph time span by adjusting the number of points and frequency. The total graph span is given by:

Total Span = (No. of Points) x (Frequency) x (Read Cycle)

·      Use PNG image files rather than JPEG – they are smaller in size and have a higher quality;