Version History (since 7.0)



Version 8.0.0

17th January 2019

Removed AAG News (was causing an ugly window to appear over the program)

Support for pocketCW - PC version

Support for increased resolution ambient temperature and relative humidity

Simplified the version numbering

Version 7.80.001

12th December 2018

Allowed the lower limit of the rain sensor valid value to be 0

Removed the (non working) software update option

Fixed the About dialog

Version 7.80.000

16th April 2018

Improved the unknown detection and indication
Version 7.60.000

5th December 2017

Added another CCDAP4 file with "," as decimal separator, for users with non-localized client software

Supported the Cloud Alarm Delay also in normal operation (previously only useful for external COM access)

RH sensor ambient temperature also offset corrected

Support for the new, black, anemometer from IED

Changed the default names for CCAP4 files to "aag_sld.dat" (single line data) and "aag_sldc.dat" (same, decimal comma separated)

Version 7.50.100

24th July 2017

Fixed some problems with time syncromization between master & remote mode.
Version 7.30.100

12th April 2016

Ambient and IR temperature offsets added to the Master mode.
Version 7.20.000

13th  January 2015

Added 2 extra fields to the CCDAP4 files
Version 7.10.000

15th December 2014

CCDAP4 files always generated in the new, extended format

Version 7.00.200

11th April 2010


Minor adjustment to cloud graph temperature upper limit. This limit was not correctly converted when changing temperature units from Celsius to Fahrenheit.


Version 7.00.100

21st March 2010


First release


This version is designed to run with the new device model which supports an anemometer (optional).


The new device (firmware version 5.xx) has a built-in shutdown routine which sets  the rain sensor heater power as well as the switch state when the device does not receive any requests for awhile (see Device Internal Parameters)