AAG_CloudWatcher is a software / hardware product designed to monitor a number of environmental parameters, namely, sky temperature, rain precipitation, light conditions, ambient temperature, relative humidity and wind speed (with optional sensors connected),


The sky temperature is measured by means of an infrared sensor, the presence of rain by means of a rain sensor based on frequency variations, the surrounding light intensity by means of a TAOS light sensor (TSL).


The sky infrared temperature information is used to determine the amount of clouds in the sky based on the fact that clear skies emit very low infrared radiation (i.e. low infrared temperature) and vice versa.





One should spend sometime to determine the suitable threshold values for clear, cloudy and overcast sky conditions for the region where the unit is installed as well as the temperature correction coefficients as described in section Tuning Sky Temperature Parameters.


The program default values were empirically determined for a mild climate (Algarve - south of Portugal).


Please also read section Limitations



This software version allows different PC’s in the same local area network to share the information of the same AAG_CloudWatcher device. The program installed in the PC connected to the AAG_CloudWatcher must run in MASTER mode and in REMOTE mode for any other PC in the network.


The MASTER installation reads the AAG_CloudWatcher device and stores this information in a data file which is read by the REMOTE installations.

This MASTER role can also be assumed by a "Solo" device, which will be then connected physically to the CloudWatcher device.


It is important to note that the REMOTE installations will process the information from the MASTER (Windows program or Solo device) according to their own parameter values. For example,


·      The threshold limits can be different yielding conditions that are different than those indicated by the MASTER installation;

·      The Unsafe conditions can have a different composition;

·      The alarm sounds can be different;

·      The sky infrared temperature is calculated according to the Temperature Correction Factors defined under Device section / Setup TAB. If different from those of the MASTER installation, the sky temperature will be different from that of the MASTER installation;

·      Etc…


Also note that the REMOTE installation:

·      has no control of the switch;

·      has no control of the rain sensor heater;




If the software is to be installed in a single PC, use it in MASTER mode (unless using a Solo, see above).


The software is an Active EXE module which can also provide information to other programs regarding cloud, rain, wind and light conditions (see Working with other programs)