Operational Considerations


The portion of the main window to the left of the tabs’ section contains the file recording control buttons and, while the program is running, it displays information pertaining to the sky conditions, the switch state and the existence of external users.




Window to choose either to append information to existing file (YES), to clear file before recording information (NO) or to cancel operation (CANCEL)







Message displayed every time information is recorded to the file






Serial communication error message and blue LED’s become red





Sky conditions and Switch opened






Sky conditions, Switch closed and playing Alarm (Stop Alarm button is visible).


Stop Alarm Button


Note that when an alarm is being played, the Stop Alarm button becomes visible allowing the user to stop the sound player.


This action will not disable the alarms system!


It simply stops the alarm which is being played until a new condition with an associated alarm occurs – this condition’s alarm will be automatically played.


Also refer to option suspend sound alarms (Setup TAB / Alarms section)






STOP button invisible with 2 attached users which have performed  250 accesses and a time delay of 0 sec between last two accesses





Warning when trying to unload with external users attached.






Message showing heater has been adjusted







System tray icon and associated menu (mouse right-click over the icon)