(telescope automation)

(telescope/observatory automation)

(observatory automation)

(advanced autonomous focuser)

(observatory watchdog)

(optics heating system)

AAG CloudWatcher
(cloud, rain, wind, etc detection)

The "Solo"
(AAG CloudWatcher companion)

Latest News:

New pocketCloudWatcher!
AAG Cloudwatcher firmware for the new external humidity sensor (5.7) - 2018/May
Special notice for owners of CloudWatcher units from June 2017 (March/2018)
- New, for Mac's OSX, Armadillo and Platypus USB Drivers: (Dec/2017) 

- New!! First version of the INDI focuser driver (Nov/2017) 


- Seletek user manual, updated to current Armadillo and Platypus software version 4.7 (Nov/2017)
Javascript - integrating the Dragonfly with a web pages (Nov/2017)
- New Desktop app (smartphone style)  for Dragonfly (Oct/2017)
- New GNS app (Oct/2017)
- New CloudWatcher Android widget (for CW - Solo users) (Jul/2017)
- New SOLO software version (1.6) with full support for the new relative humidity  (Jul/2017)
- New AAG version (Jul/2017), with:
      * An improved brightness sensor
      * A relative humidity sensor
      * New version software:
      ** partial support for the new relative humidity sensor (data will be displayed, but alarms cannot be set)
some minor fixes
Dragonfly Watchdog (June 01/2017)
ASCOM observing conditions standard: Chris Rowland's driver tested to work with both the AAG windows software and the Solo. Download from the ASCOM web site:  (May 31/2017)
- New smartphone Dragonfly app! (March 23/2017)
- Seletek Developer's Guide published (Feb 23/2017)
New software for Seletek (Jan/2017)
Dragonfly automata (Nov 30,2016)
- New!! Just launched "Zero Configuration" support for network enabled products (Dragonfly, Platypus, GNS) (Nov 09, 2016)

Coming soon:

- Dragonfly user manual, updated users manual will be published in a few days.
- GNS user manual, updated users manual will be published in a few days.